A selection of some of our favourite weddings, we were honoured to film.

Sivan & Paul // Naxos, Greece

Sivan and Paul, decided to have their wedding in one of the hidden gems of the Greek islands. So they traveled all the way from Los Angeles to have their wedding in Naxos. Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades island group in the Aegean. It has some of the most beautiful beaches, traditional villages unaffected by time and with most recognizable landmark the gate of Apollo’s temple.

Janelle & Ante // Split, JanellJanelleJanelle & Ante // Split, Croatia

Janelle and Ante, that got married in the beautiful Split in Croatia, gathering friends and family from all over the world to celebrate their love. A love that led Janelle all the way from the USA to Paris, to find Ante and then both to Ante’s hometown to get married. A love that wasn’t always easy. Sometimes, love is about overcoming obstacles and facing challenges....

Bilyana & Henrik // Tuscany, Italy

This time we will make a journey to Italy and more specifically, to the heart of Tuscany, in the famous medieval city of Montalcino, for the beautiful wedding of Bilyana & Henrik. Two beautiful people, with an amazing sense of humour, that we had the honour and joy to meet and be a part of their celebration.

Gintare & Sam // Rome, Italy

The beauty of the Eternal City, the chaos combined with elegance, the visible history with the great monuments, the smell of fresh coffee around every corner, are some of the reasons to fall for Rome. After the wedding of Gintare & Sam we added a few more...

Lilian & Cosmin // Provence, France

It was there that Lilian and Cosmin, decided to gather friends and family from all over the world to get married. A car crash brought them together and they have been inseparable since and you can feel the honesty, respect, devotion and deep love in their relationship.
You are the hero of your own story

Jelly & Kostas // Mykonos, Greece

It was the Autumn of 2015, when we first met Jelly and Kostas and talked about their story and their Mykonos destination wedding. Even from that first moments we immediately felt how much they loved each other and how sweet and heart warming people they are. Months flew by fast, until the day we got on our plane to fly to Mykonos for their wedding.

Maria & Konstantinos // Kea, Greece

Maria & Konstantinos are two amazing people we had the joy to meet and film their wedding in Kea.Little did we know then, that we would connect deeply with them and their lovely family, all because we shared those moments of their wedding.

Kirby & Tey // Ios, Greece

The wedding of Kirby and Tey in Ios island, is one of those weddings that reminds us how lucky we are to be travelling to meet amazing couples and film their special moments.Kirby & Tey with their beautiful smiles always shining on their faces, gathered friends and family from all over the world to Ios island in Cyclades, Greece, to attend their wedding and celebrate.

Nella Ioannou // Global Poetry, AXDW

This short opened Nella’s Ioannou fashion show @ Athens Xclusive Designers Week – AXDW Models: Sissy Papatsori (Future Models), Kelly Fifly (Future Models), Emmy Toyia & Georgia Anastasiadou