The Return to Rhodes

The story of Raquel’s Bat Mitzvah starts, when her grandmother Rachel was born on the island of Rhodes in 1907.
She and her husband Netanel learned that the Jews of Rhodes would be rounded up and removed from the island, and were forced to leave in 1939. The Jews of Rhodes were eventually deported on the 23rd of July 1944. 1604 Jewish Martyrs from Rhodes and Cos were murdered in the Nazi Death Camps.
Granny Rachel never returned to Rhodes after the war, but spoke about it all her life.
This is why Raquel along with her family and friends went to Rhodes to celebrate Raquel’s Bat Mitzvah.To remember and honor.

There we had the blessing to live with them and film during 4 days, that we will never forget.
We lived moments full of joy and fun at the amazing beaches of Rhodes and crazy partying at the most amazing venues, but we also lived very emotional moments, moments of love and respect. Moments that inspire us to become better and value life and the people around us.

We wish not only to Raquel but to the whole family Nicci, Neal, Jesse and Raff, only love and happiness in your life and to keep telling your stories “so that they will never be forgotten”…


Planner: The Genie Lifestyle Management
Ceremony: Synagogue, Old Town of Rhodes
Venues: Elysium hotel / Calithea